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    The Republic of Cyprus
    The official website of the Republic of Cyprus, the entry point for all government departments and services on the internet.
    [Details] Date : 31-Dec-2002 - Hits : 4364 - Rating: n/a

    House of Representatives
    Official web site of the House of Representatives (Cyprus Parliament), including legislative information, parliamentary agenda(s), procedures, news, extensive document archive… plus all other relevant information.
    [Details] Date : 16-Jan-2003 - Hits : 4369 - Rating: n/a

    Cyprus & European Union
    Multi-lingual government web site concerned exclusively with the issues surrounding Cyprus’ progress with respect to accession negotiations with the European Union.
    [Details] Date : 16-Jan-2003 - Hits : 4366 - Rating: n/a

    The Cyprus Problem
    The Cyprus Problem after Turkey invaded Cyprus on July 20, 1974.
    [Details] Date : 28-Nov-2003 - Hits : 4366 - Rating: n/a

    Lobby for Cyprus Online
    Organisation with the aim of reuniting cyprus. Lobby for Cyprus campaigns for the reunification of Cyprus, removal of all Turkish troops from Cyprus to Turkey, repatriation of all colonists to Turkey, and return of all Greek Cypriot refugees to the occupied north of Cyprus. Lobby for Cyprus is a non party political organisation.
    [Details] Date : 02-Dec-2003 - Hits : 4364 - Rating: n/a

    European Institute of Cyprus
    European Institute of Cyprus
    [Details] Date : 22-Jan-2004 - Hits : 4363 - Rating: n/a

    Cyprus Visa
    A website that aims to simplify your research for acquiring a visa to Cyprus. You can also find many of the application forms that you might be required to fill in order to apply for a Cyprus visa.
    [Details] Date : 03-Apr-2007 - Hits : 4393 - Rating: n/a

    The Cyprus Assay Office
    The Cyprus Assay Office (CAO) is a semi govermental organization. The main objective is the development and promotion of Hallmarking in Jewellery for the protection of Public.

    CAO has been in operation since March 1995 and is a member of the International Association of Assay Offices.
    CAO is situated in Larnaca.
    [Details] Date : 10-Mar-2010 - Hits : 4369 - Rating: n/a

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