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Folk art in Cyprus
Folk art in Cyprus is part of the History and tradition of the country. As far back as ancient times, Cyprus has been famous for its handicrafts. In Homer's Iliad we read of the beautiful breastplate sent as a gift from Cyprus to King Agamemnon.
[Details] Date : 15-Jan-2003 - Hits : 4371 - Rating: n/a

Cyprus Cultural Folkloric Society "Vasilitzia"
Vasilitzia is a cultural folkloric society about the music and the dances of Cyprus .
[Details] Date : 24-Feb-2003 - Hits : 4369 - Rating: n/a

"I Adouloti" Shakalli
The Refugee Folklore Group "I Adouloti" Shakalli. Its aim is the maintenance and advancement of the folkloric dances, songs, music and customs of Cyprus.
[Details] Date : 02-Apr-2003 - Hits : 4367 - Rating: n/a

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[Details] Date : 28-Jul-2015 - Hits : 4364 - Rating: n/a

supplemental adventure new
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[Details] Date : 28-Jul-2015 - Hits : 4364 - Rating: n/a

siorac informative new
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[Details] Date : 29-Jul-2015 - Hits : 4365 - Rating: n/a

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